Research Ethics

"A comprehensive, ethical framework"

IMPORTANT: The University of London Research Ethics Committee requires that all research involving face-to-face interactions with participants be suspended immediately until further notice. The health and welfare of researchers and participants must be our primary concern.

Please review the ​Essential guidance for research projects in light of the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF) - Updated from 31st July 2020

And the new Guidance on using Online Sources including Social Media (PDF)

The School of Advanced Study is part of the University of London which is committed to carrying out its research, teaching, consultancy and other activities within a comprehensive ethical framework. 

The University’s principles are applicable to all research, consultancy projects and studies conducted at, by, or in the name of University of London and aim to provide current and prospective members with a clear understanding of the ethical review process operated by the University.

The University supports a culture of academic freedom and excellence by providing a framework for review, which subjects research proposals and other studies to a level of scrutiny that is in proportion to the risk of harm or adverse effect to participants, researchers, and to society as a whole.

The University’s Policy is managed and monitored by the School Research Ethics Committee, which may decide to develop additional guidance or policies as code of practices across the UK and the worldwide research landscape evolve.

The University Research Ethics Policy [PDF] forms a part of the Code of Good Practice in Research.

  • Appendix 1 - School of Advanced Study Ethical Approval Process and Guidance
  • Appendix 2 - University of London Worldwide Ethical Approval Process and Guidance
  • Appendix 3 - University of London in Paris Ethical Approval Process and Guidance

Guidance on using online platforms in research:

Using online platforms, inc. social media, when undertaking research under the UOL auspices - Usage Protocols and Guidance [PDF]


Initial Self-Evaluation

Anyone undertaking research at the School/University is asked to review the University Research Ethics Policy and the relevant approval process and guidance document (i.e., Appendix 1, 2, or 3) and undergo an initial self-evaluation, which will need to be forwarded to once completed.


Data Management

The documents below are to be used depending on the needs of your research:

For any further information, please contact the Research Services office